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Communication has never been so easy and close.

As you already know, Serviadvisor is an online portal where you can buy and sell products or services in Germany. It focuses on the Spanish speaking community living in this country with the aim of making it easier for these people to adapt when they arrive here. Many times when you arrive in a new city; you need help going through procedures or other people working together to resolve a problem that has arisen. But you don't know who to turn to or where to find what you're looking for. However, this will never be a problem with Serviadsvisor again.

In our community you will find the best professionals in your city who offer support in your language.

For example, if you need legal representation, want to repair the wheel of your vehicle, or meet someone who can give your private lessons. You always know who can help you.

You are at the right place with us, whether you have someone who can help you in your language or you already have a business, but do not know how to advertise and reach potential customers.

The Seviadvisor team was also in your place in their time and had the same questions and doubts that you went through. Where am I going ? What if you don't understand me Would you assist me?

We are joined by the same experiences, which we now want to share with you.

We want to help you and so make society a better place. Additionally, we do this in a sustainable way with the environment, as this is another of the most important ways we can help others: taking care of the place where we live. For this reason, the entire project is digitally created and designed in such a way that you can digitize your company and achieve the desired financial success. For these reasons two young people named Patricia and Jaime started a great project that is Serviadvisor some time ago.

When we arrived in Germany more than 4 years ago; We were very happy to enjoy the experience of living in a country like Germany. As you know, however, German isn't exactly the easiest language in the world, and English wasn't always enough. Because of this, we were only able to solve the problems of everyday life a few times without setbacks: it was very difficult, no communication problems, poor service quality or just not knowing which professional could help us.

This experience of two young immigrants was translated into knowledge and solidarity with others. Serviadvisor is the result of the effort and dedication that has been put into making a change in life, such as emigrating to a new country, a positive experience for you.




What am i doing for fun? Weekends with friends. Peace and space to be creative.



What am i doing for fun? Give me my camera and free myself in the most beautiful landscapes.

Just like you, we have learned from the adversity we face on the way and we have decided to make our dream of realization come true.

Thanks to that, Serviadvisor Today is a reality.


A "start-up" with the aim that more and more Spanish-speaking immigrants in Germany, like us, can achieve their goals in their new adventure.

We hope to have you.

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Hamburg, Germany
(+49) 017687830228

Acerca de Serviadvisor

Como ya sabes, somos un portal online donde podrás comprar y vender productos o servicios en Alemania. Está enfocado hacia la comunidad hispano hablante que reside en este país, con el objetivo de facilitar la adaptación de estas personas en su llegada aquí, y que mejor forma de hacerlo que ayundándoles a ganar dinero con su negocio.
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