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Objectives of

Community of professionals is much more than just emigrants who have arrived. We want all kinds of people and professions on this website because we know that everyone contributes their precious grain of sand to society.



Integration and plurality.

No one is excluded, and everyone is welcome. Each person is different, and the more we are part of this our project, the better the adaptation to the German world will be. And what is more plural than a project like Serviadvisor?

We love our planet

We could have set up a physical business, distributed brochures and advertising on paper, and sent bulk mails. Aside from the fact that these methods are out of date, they show very little solidarity with planet earth.



Quaity of our service.

The providers show their certifications and experiences so that you can choose the specialist that suits you best. And when you're a supplier, you'll find it easier to stand out from the rest of your competition!



Acerca de Serviadvisor

Como ya sabes, somos un portal online donde podrás comprar y vender productos o servicios en Alemania. Está enfocado hacia la comunidad hispano hablante que reside en este país, con el objetivo de facilitar la adaptación de estas personas en su llegada aquí, y que mejor forma de hacerlo que ayundándoles a ganar dinero con su negocio.
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